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                                     Image result for canada flag                                                                                    An initiative for a utopian world. 
By creating spiritual & material wealth on our planet.

    Canada                                                                                  Center initiates systemic changes by re-shaping the ideation process of global leaders.                                            

A film for creating spiritual wealth on the planet.

For calming the human mind.

Soothing it. Healing it.
Navigating thru its quicksand.
Purging its destructive emotions.
Purifying the mind.

Revealing the mysteries of human life.
That eluded all the finest minds.
Thru the history of civilization.

A journey into mind of nature.
What is nature trying to convey?
Its calling and messages.
Deciphering their cryptic laws.
The subtle codes.
The uncompromising cause & effect relationship.
Exploring its ingenuity & benevolence.

A journey into the human mind.
Exploring the most powerful primordial desires.
That drives all human beings on this planet.

Primordial desires.
Dominant, raging, uncontrollable, unquenchable.

Primordial desires.

With a preset biological clock.

One lifetime.
And just one opportunity.

For fulfilling and gratifying them.

Primordial desires.
Their fulfillment and gratification.
Sparking blissful & divine experiences.

Experiences that give immense pleasure.
And pure joy.
Priceless gifts from nature.

Relishing, indulging and enjoying these experiences.
And celebrating life.
The fundamental and sole purpose of our life.
And our existence.

Divine experiences. Gifts from nature.
Infinite but ephemeral.
Gifts we fail to redeem in our temporal & fleeting life.
Precipitating an abyss of emptiness and hollowness.

Emptiness and hollowness.
That power, money, beauty, fame, knowledge...
Can neither fulfill nor compensate.

A film for creating material wealth on the planet.

What makes USA the richest nation in the world?

How does it create, retain and distribute wealth?

Provides a road-map for poor &  developing nations,
To eradicate material poverty thru systemic changes.
In Nov 2006 the film was screened to the planning commission and Govt of India.

Subsequently the the following bills (recommended in the film) were passed.

* The Social security bill 2007
* Old age bill 2007
* Life and disability cover bill 2007
* National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2007
* Healthcare budget 2008 - increased from 13 to 22%.
  (Av yearly increase from 1990 to 2005 was 1%)
* Education budget 2008 enhanced by 34% !!
* Right to education (RTE) 2009
* Aadhar Card (SSN in USA & fulcrum of financial system)
* and many more (see Impact of the initiatives)

Center aims to bring 'think-tank' of a nation together. Lawmakers, executive, judiciary, enlightened citizens...
On the same page... to eradicate poverty.

The source and application of national funds of developed nations
The 'systemic framework' & management policies.
And the processes & implementation methodology.

CIE circulates these white papers.
To Governments & planning depts of poor nations.
And campaigns for changes/modifications.
Of their policies and budgets.

In pursuit of the above the center has produced the film.
"The American Way. Connecting the dots..."

A film that provides a macro view of American model.
Identifying the critical drivers of their economic engine.
The key elements triggering the wealth creation process.
The film provides a provides a road-map.
For poor nations to eradicate poverty.

Initiatives benefiting millions of poor people in India.
And triggering the wealth creation process...

   Click on the images to see the films

The American Way... stunning audiences worldwide !!
Highly rated (3.5) at the New York film festival.

Comments from Viewers

"Engrossing" - Ron Sommers President USIBC
"Most illuminating" - David Ryan Film maker USA
"Excellent" - Nicole Holland  NYC film festival
"Thought provoking" - Prof P. Purang IIT-Mumbai
"Great Job" - Prof S. Manikutty IIM Ahmedabad.
'Highly educative" - Nagaraju CEO Thapar group.
"Fantastic" -  N. Rajan GM Mktg-Thapar group
"Mind blowing" - BP saggre VP Ultra Tech cement.
"Most relevant for India" - Sanjay Deshmukh IIT - Kharagpur & VP Kvaerner Philly USA

"Powerful", 'Analytical",  "Touching the heart"...

For comments of other intelligent viewers Click here 

CIE'S Current campaigns in India

Providing 'framework' for
1) Land Acquisition bill based on USA/Canadian model.
2) Building 14 mil homes to replace the slums based on 'Projects' in USA.

Click for detailed report

Current 'white paper' research under way

1) "Govt tendering" process in developed nations to ensure transperancy and accountability for projects of national importance like housing, roads, infrastructure etc.
2) Identifying & plugging the hidden underlying flaws in the current global economic system. Flaws that are triggering all the stress & evil in the society.

The campaign for eradicating poverty is now extended to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa...

Center believes donation and aid is not the solution.
A shared knowledge of wealth creation process.
And implementing the elements that trigger it.
That is the only panacea for eradicating poverty.