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                                                            An initiative for a utopian world   
                                   By creating spiritual & material wealth on our planet
      Center initiates systemic changes by re-shaping the ideation process of global leaders

               The human race is trapped. Between material & spiritual poverty.
                     While 80 % are suffering due to material poverty Click. The rest are suffering due to spiritual poverty Click.

                     No human being on this planet can be at peace nor enjoy life, amidst such deprivation and suffering.
                     Because of the holographic construct of nature/universe and its consequent synchronicity Click here
                    This poverty has confined all human beings on this planet to a sub-standard & sub-human life.  From  birth till death.    Author - Click here


A film for creating spiritual wealth on the planet.

For calming the human mind.

Soothing it. Healing it.
Navigating thru its quicksand.
Purging its destructive emotions.
Purifying the mind.

Revealing the mysteries of human life.
That eluded all the finest minds.
Thru the history of civilization.

A journey into mind of nature.
What is nature trying to convey?
Its calling and messages.
Deciphering their cryptic laws.
The subtle codes.
The uncompromising cause & effect relationship.
Exploring its ingenuity & benevolence.

A journey into the human mind.
Exploring the most powerful primordial desires.
That drives all human beings on this planet.

Primordial desires.
Dominant, raging, uncontrollable, unquenchable.

Primordial desires.

With a preset biological clock.

One lifetime.
And just one opportunity.

For fulfilling and gratifying them.

Primordial desires.
Their fulfillment and gratification.
Sparking blissful & divine experiences.

Experiences that give immense pleasure.
And pure joy.
Priceless gifts from nature.

Relishing, indulging and enjoying these experiences.
And celebrating life.
The fundamental and sole purpose of our life.
And our existence.

Divine experiences. Gifts from nature.
Infinite but ephemeral.
Gifts we fail to redeem in our temporal & fleeting life.
Precipitating an abyss of emptiness and hollowness.

Emptiness and hollowness.
That power, money, beauty, fame, knowledge...
Can neither fulfill nor compensate.
Charter for compassion        

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A film for creating material wealth on the planet.

What makes USA the richest nation in the world?

How does it create, retain and distribute wealth?

Provides a road-map for poor &  developing nations,
To eradicate material poverty thru systemic changes.
In Nov 2006 film was screened to planning commission and Govt of India.

Subsequently the the following bills (recommended in the film) were passed.

* The Social security bill 2007
* Old age bill 2007
* Life and disability cover bill 2007
* National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2007
* Healthcare budget 2008 - increased from 13 to 22%.
  (Av yearly increase from 1990 to 2005 was 1%)